Welcome to Elder God in the Machine. This is going to be a Cthuluh Tech gamefeaturing big mecha pilots taking down demons and other super natural creatures. You in? I thought so. Who doesn’t want to ride around in 4 story tall power armor blowing up evil things? Oh, did I mention that if you don’t want power armor you can have a Tager? A Tager is a thing that lets you BECOME a demon…well…kinda. You also don’t need either one, you could be a spell caster, a soldier or more…but depending on the kinds of characters we get…we might do more of one thing than another.

Anyway, I’m reading the book, want to run a game and you all are invited. There’s a lot of room to explore with this game, but I’m going to focus on the concept of the players are part of a EDF (earth defense force) team that gets dispatched to clear the unnatural possession of Cuba. Or maybe another island…but I like Cuba so far right now.

The Elder God in the Machine